The Nature Book

Forthcoming from

Coffee House Press

The Nature Book (working title) is my novel-in-progress that collages nature descriptions from 300 novels into a single novel. With the environmental background brought to the fore, characters, buildings and vehicles disappear, giving center stage to the animals, landscapes and weather patterns that have buttressed human drama since the beginning of the novel.


The Believer

Vanguard Seattle


Los Angeles Review of Books

Above is a 360-degree glimpse of my process for composing draft 1 while at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in the summer of 2016. Below is a live recording of me reading from the Prairie section at The Poetic Research Bureau in 2018.

Here is a study for The Nature Book, which was installed in the exhibition Poetry Will Be Made By All! at LUMA/Westbau, Zürich, Switzerland in 2014. This enlarged text greeted passers-by on the street.

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