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First Impressions

BOMB Magazine, 2018

"First Impressions” is a short story that collages first sentences from 268 short stories published in The New Yorker over 20 years, from 1997 to 2017.

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Airport Novella

Troll Thread, 2017

Airport Novella is a literary supercut of four gestures that I found to be ubiquitous in popular fiction—nodding, shrugging, odd looks, and gasps—and collects them into four chapters, one for each gesture.

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The Believer



First Thought Worst Thought: Collected Books 2011-2014

Gauss PDF, 2015

First Thought Worst Thought is a digital and print archive of the 40 books I wrote in four years. A number of these books are "night novels," or fiction works that I composed in one night. Some of them were written as part of NaNoWriNiMo, my futurist improvement on the popular write-a-novel-in-a-month contest.

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Guide Book (with introductions to each book)

Links to Night Novels:

The Idiot (2014)

IN ITIBIIGRIPHI by Igir Strivinski (2014)

Haircut (2012)

To the Left and Right of the Lighthouse (2012)

On the Road Not Taken (2012)

ZIGZAG (2012)

The Happy End of the Happy End of Franz Kafka's Amerika (2012)

Lorem Ipsum by Lorem Ipsum (2012)

ASAP'S Fables by ASAP (2012)

Portrait of the Artist as an Unborn Child Star (2012)

In the Time of the Leaves (2012)

waiting for godog (2012)

anemone (2011)